Abtronic X2 is the innovative fitness-system that will radically change the way you train.

The secret lies in the electronic muscle stimulation: EMS. A scientifically proven technique that creates active muscle contractions. It does all the work for you ao you do not have to do it yourself. EMS was originally meant for physiotherapists to help rehabilitate patients with muscle damage. Now it can be applied to the fitness world to give you the abbs you have always dreamed of.

Almost 5 million copies of the original version were sold in 87 countries. Now the developers of the Abtronic have increased the level of technology with the second generation: the Abtronic X2. It is named X2, because it will make your training eXtreme. With twice as much power for double the result. With the unique Dual Channel-technology with conductive pillows in the front and back, the Abtronic X2 focusses on two seperate muscle groups at the same time, so that your core will be strenghtened and makes the most of your training.

Simply put the Abtronic around the waist and it will send soft electronic impulses to your muscles, which will then contract. In just one minute your will have at least 400 muscle contractions. Imagine yourself doing 400 sit-ups! You can feel the Abtronic X2 directly strengthen your abs and you will see an enormous change after a few training sessions and it will only cost you 10 minutes a day.

University research shows that the electronic muscle simulation technology that is applied to the Abtronic X2 is almost seven times as effective as working out. Thermografic images proof that the Abtronic stimulates the muscles more efficiently than traditional training.

You will receive the brand new Abtronic X2 with Dual Channel-technology, an advanced micro processor, AND four replacable, conducting pillows to tackle your problem areas. You will also receive all the necessary instructions and the quickstart guide. We will even include batteries, plus our special conducting gel in order to make maximum use of the muscle simulation, AND we will add a handy bag so that you can carry your Abtronic X2 with you wherever you go.


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