This course is all about video’s. How to create them and how to promote them.

Videomarketing is a part within online marketing that becomes more important with the passing of each day. In order to record videos you will need a programmer. Camtasia is the most used program. With Camtasia you can, for instance, show how your site works.

Camtasia Studio is software that enables you to make screen recordings, to edit your videos, and to render them into a video file. You can also make webcam recordings, record voice-overs, and enrich your recordings with self-made video images and photo’s.
Camtasia Studio is generally used to create tutorials. Think about explaining computer applications, the use of intranet or cms systems in your company, or explaining web services and social media applications.

Recording a good tutorial with Camtasia Studio is easier than it looks. In this workshop we will explain the most important recording functions that u need to know before you screen record with Camtasia Studio in order to get the best result.

Making tutorials for the purpose of explaining something to other people through the use of a computer, internet service, or software program, a program that allows you to make screen recordings of your pc is necessary. Camtasia Studio is one of the most frequently used programs for this purpose in particular. Camtasia Studio does not only allow you to make screen recordings, but you can also edit these images and publish them in various end formats.

Recording a tutorial demands a certain amount of concentration and experience. It is not hard, given you work step by step. You decide the complexity of the recording. It is advisable to start simple so you can get yourself acquainted with Camtasia Studio Recorder, which will prevent you from having too much trouble with making a tutorial as soon as the complexity increases.

Even you can take this workshop, because it is possible to try Camtasia Studio for the duration of thirty days for free. Go to for a trial version of Camtasia Studio.


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