It is scientifically proven that the slime of snails has a unique and healing property.
The Celltone gel contains extracts of this healing snail slime. It decreases the amount of acne, wrinkles, and even (pregnancy) scars. It also rejuvinates the skin and it will feel silky smooth after use.

The tissue of the skin recovers because of the substance called Allantoin that is present in the slime of snails. Glyco acids creates a natural peeling, which removes old cells and rejuvinates the damaged skin. Because of these effects, this product is THE rejuvinating facial cream at this moment.

The natural ingredients of Celltone fight the bacteria that cause acne and clears your skin of pimpels and blackheads in a matter of days.

How do you use this cream?
Apply the Celltone gel two or three times a day. Both men and women can use this product and the result is astounding!

Contents: 50 ml


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