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Essential oils, fast, or aromatic oils is a plant mixture of fast, aromatic molecules that is known for the smell of the plant from which it is extracted. Such mixtures may be called “oils”, but etheric oils do not contain any fat. They are liquid at room temperature, but quickly evaporate near heat and burn easily.

They are being extracted from different parts of a plant, such as the blossom, the fruit, the seed, the peel, the bark, or the wood. A plant usually does not contain more than 1% etheric oils, but in case of nutmeg and clove it is more than 10%. Sometimes different parts of a plant contain different fast oils.

The scent that man inhales through the nose and mouth is filtered in the oral and nasal cavities. The origin of the olfactory nerve obtains the signals, selects them, and sends them to the brain. Smell is a very basal instinct. The limbic system registers the appearance of a certain scent molecule. As a reaction, chemical substances are released in the brain that play into the nervous system, so that it will relax or becomes stimulated. These chemical substances can also physically influence the body. That is why essential oils are so effective when fighting pain. The hair capilaries make for a perfect transport for the oils.

Learn how to apply essential oils and more with this course!

This course consists of multiple e-books and videos.


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