More and more of a company’s budget goes to online marketing. This is understandable, because for years on row the online sales have increased at the expense of traditional marketing. Many companies and traditional marketeers have little knowledge in their possesion to develop themselves in this field.

Increase your knowledge concerning Internet Marketing today.
The teacher, Ir. Stefan Rooijackers, has over 18 years of experience as an internet marketeer and is acknowlegded by the government by means of a CRKBO (Central Register Short Business Education) registration.

These courses are presented to you by Internet Marketing Nederland (IMNL). IMNL is the absolute market leader in the Netherlands for years concerning internet marketing training!

This course comes with useful e-books, which contain more information.

Do you know how to gain new customers tomorrow? Independant research shows that every invested euro in AdWords generally makes a profit of two euros. And did you know that you can advertise on partner websites such as Youtube, your local newspaper, and Ebay?

Unfortunately, AdWords is often too complex for beginners. The difference in costs between advertisers can increase up to a factor 10. Some ignorant people pay ten times as much as others would for the same position.

Do you want to know how you can be smart with your budget and how you can make your SEA profitable? What makes an advertisement perfect? And how can you spy on the competition? After taking this course you will be able to make advertisements that can make you a lot of money.

Some people pay 10 times more than another for the same position on Google; knowledge of Google Adwords pays off.

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