Increase your knowledge concerning Internet Marketing today.
The teacher, Ir. Stefan Rooijackers, has over 18 years of experience as an internet marketeer and is acknowlegded by the government by means of a CRKBO (Central Register Short Business Education) registration.

These courses are presented to you by Internet Marketing Nederland (IMNL). IMNL is the absolute market leader in the Netherlands for years concerning internet marketing training!

What can I do to be easier to be found on Google? How can I advertise on Google? How can I see how many people visit my website? How does the search machine, Google Analytics, Google Alerts and Google AdWords, Google+, Google Offers, Google Wallet, Google Translate for entrepeneurs, and many more Google services work?

Google even offers many chances for small entrepeneurs and locally operating companies and proves time upon time its usefulness as a connecting link between customer and company. Google offers countless services in order to bring companies and their target groups closer together. Most of these services are even completely free to use.

Learn how a search machine works and how high your website stands in the search results. After this course you will know how Google can help your company and you will have a head start on the competition.


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