Would you also like to have a strong, muscled, and firm upper body? You can with Iron Gym, the multi-functional training system that will lift your upper body to a higher level!

Iron Gym transforms every door post in the house into a personal gym in a matter of seconds. The unique design fits on every door post and works through means of the lever technique. Train where and when you want to, without having to adjust or damage the frame! Secure Iron Gym on the door post in your livingroom or bedroom and you can directly start your very effective Iron Gym workout!

Start with training your upper body by doing chin-ups and pull-ups, shape and strengthen your shoulders, arms, back, and wings with 10 minutes a day. With the 3 different grip positions: small grip, wide grip, and neutral grip, you can apply variation unto your daily training and keep challenging your muscles.

But wait, there is so much more possible with the Iron Gym! Place the Iron Gym on the ground for deep push-ups with a larger span of reach and without the stress on your wrists. The Iron Gym is also a stable basis for triceps dips! Complete your workout and place the Iron Gym on the bottom of your door and finish up your workout with sixpack-forming crunches, for rockhard abs! With Iron Gym you can easily do pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, and crunches when and wherever you want! Every exercise you need to obtain that powerful upper body you have always dreamed of. And with Iron Gym you are guaranteed to get this result within 30 days!


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