Livinggreens Probiotica 7 cultures is a probiotic that increases the resistance of the intestines.
Livinggreens Probiotica 7 contains benign intestinal bacteria.
After antibiotics or chemotherapy, orthomolecular specialists often prescribe probiotic to optimize the balance of the benign intestinal bacteria in the intestinal flora.
Probiotics are small, living organism that have a positive effect on health if taken in larger amounts.
Livinggreens Probiotica restores the natural balance of the intestinal flora.
With use of probiotica, the intestines are better protected against bacteria and viruses and the immune system in the intestines will increase.
Probiotica 7 cultures of Livinggreens can best be taken as followed:
1 capsule on a sober stomach or before going to sleep with water.
Livinggreens Probiotica 7 capsule can be detached and the contents can be poured into cold/lukewarm water and drinkable after 15 minutes.


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