Having a good weight is very important. With the E-Book + Online Course, you do not only learn all of the nutritional aspects of cleansing as outlined in the E-Book, but you also get access to exclusive content that shows you how to accelerate the fat-burning process with a metabolism-boosting fitness plan; how to take back control of your eating habits with powerful appetite eliminating strategies; and how to get rid of mental strain and emotional tension so you can de-stress while you de-tox.

This training course consists of a series of videos and books. We recommend that you also check out our training course on nutrition.
For many of us, losing weight seems a losing battle. On average, we grow heavier year by year – children and adults alike. Over half of all males forty and older are already overweight. This needs to be stopped – and now, thankfully, it can be!
With our Losing Weight course, you can become your own coach. This way, you can lose weight without having to spend lots of money on it.

Obesity – just how bad is it?
Obesity is exactly as unhealthy as they tell you it is – if anything, it’s probably worse. It can lead to serious illnesses – diabetes being just one example.
The training course includes a summary of the causes that lead to obesity as well as of its possible effects. This way, you can hopefully take the necessary measures in time.

Calculate your fat percentage
Experts have devised formulas that allow you to determine, for instance, your body type, your fat reserves, or your recommended daily intake of moisture.
The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the primary instrument to discover if you are overweight, and if so, to what extent.

Help yourself along the road to weight loss
Our course is not just about losing weight. It also tells you all you need to know about general health, the nature of obesity, and the proper way to exercise. We will put it all in the proper perspective – anything you need in order to achieve your goals.

Why follow this course?
In preparing this course, we have taken stock of the existing sources on weight loss. We have examined the greatest methods, and from them we selected the most useful tips. All this information has been paired with the practical experience of coaches and other professionals in the field of weight loss.
Our method combines conventional healthcare advice with the latest tools and insights of e-learning. That particular combination is what makes this course unique.

Advantages of this course
– Swift results
– Easy to keep up
– Inexpensive
– Permanent improvement
– A broad-spectrum methodology
– Advice of an immediate, practical nature
– Prepared by experts in the health industry
– Order online, no hassle
– Inviting, high-quality visual presentation
– Designed to be used on its own, or in conjunction with our other products

Publication history
This course is an English-language version of a tried-and-true Dutch-language course, known as Cursus Afvallen.
The Cursus Afvallen method has been made available by way of e-book and on-line video, as well as through hard-copy books and DVDs available in stores, and has proved very popular.

We also offer you the opportunity to complete this course through online examinations. Once you have passed your exam, we will be happy to provide you with an official certificate to that effect.


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