Baba de Caracol, a strong skin rejuvenater.

Orange Care Baba de Caracol (snail slime) cream is the recent development in the field of cosmetics. It is a topical treatment for the face, the hands, and the body. The cream causes a deep recovery of the skin. Suited for every skin type of men and women. Snails seem to be capable of restoring their own cochlea when damaged, because of the rejuvenating substance Alontonine that is present in their slime.

To be used in case of: Pimpels, blackheads, pregnancy marks, wrinkles, and scars.

Baba de Caracol cream contains a unique composition of the following ingrediënts:

– Alantonine: helps the body during recovery of tissues and revives the skin.
– Hydroxy-acetic acid: causes a natural peeling effect.
– Collagen and elastine: these substances give support and flexibility.
– Vitamins and proteins: feed the skin and make it flexible.

The effects of Orange Care Baba de Caracol cream:

– Contributes to the natural recovery of the skin
– Removed dead skin cells
– Scars, wrinkles, and pregnancy marks will be replaced
– Has a strong rejuvenating effect
– The skin beautifully tightens and the aging process is being halted


purified water, cyclomethicon, cetostearylalcohol, propyleen glycol, cetyl alcohol, xanthaan gum, glycerine, mineral oil, elastinehydrolysate, algea extract, diazolidinyl ureum, lanoline, fragrances, methylparabeen, natrium edetaat, allantoine, ethanol, propylparabeen, milk acid, apple acid, tartaric acid, lemon acid, retinyl palmitate, chloroacetamide, dibromopropamidine, diisethionate, PEG-4 laurate 90, iodopropynyl butylcarbamaat, polisorbaat 85.


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