Climb yourself into shape with MaxiClimber
A new, unique full-body workout that will take on both your muscles and your condition.

You have only a few more months to make your body summerproof. Do not panic! With the new fitness breakthrough, the MaxiClimber, you will get excited to work up a sweat!

The MaxiClimber is a brand new sports device that will give you an entertaining, alternating, and most of all intensive workout. How does it work? Claim one square meter in your house, set up the device, step on the pedals and start training. With the MaxiClimber you will make the same movements as when climbing an extremely steep mountain. You use only your body weight as resistance and put pressure on all big muscle groups, without straining them too much. The result? Sexy legs, muscled buttocks, hard abs, and tight triceps and biceps. But that’s not all: the device combines weight training with cardio. This will cause you to lose a whooping 500 calories per hour while climbing. Use the special meal from MaxiClimber plan next to your workout and you will be on your way towards a healthy and responsible lifestyle. And all that in the comfort of your own house!

Simpel and effective.
Many workouts are heavy and difficult; doing sports on the MaxiClimber is simple AND effective. Whether you train now and then or are an intensive athlete, with this workout everybody will climb thereselves into shape. Are you done training? Push the MaxiClimber under the bed or into the closet. Get it back out when it suits you. Thanks to the build-in steps and calories counter, which stops and starts when you do, you can easily keep track of your progress. This gives an enormous stimulation to keep on going. This way your body will be ready for summer in no time!

* Maxi Climber
* Calories counter
* Meal plan
* CD with music

Contains a Dutch manual


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