The Rock Gym is a 6-in-one total body-shaper. You can do supporting sit-ups, leg-lifts, push-ups, body stretching, weight training, a good core workout, and various resistance exercises! It is a perfect all-in-one circuit training device!

With the dynamic supporting system of the Rock Gym you can easily perform abdominal exercises up to 10 times more than usual and have fun at the same time! The Rock Gym guarantees that you will soon see a miracle as a result! Everybody wants firm buttocks and slim legs! The 3 adjustable leg-lift exercises of the Rock Gym strenghten and shape your thighs, roes, and buttocks, which gives you those long, sexy legs that you want. Rock Gym is brought to you with two resistance cables, so you can adjust your entire training and shape the muscles on your arms, chest, and back. Build various muscle masses to achieve a total body training! But that is not the only thing the Rock Gym can do: you can easily transform the Rock Gym into a bench in different angles, so that you can do dumbbell weight exercises to build biceps and chest muscles! The Rock Gym is the most multifunctional dumbbell station in the comfort of your own home.

– Rock Gym
– Manual
– 14 Days Diet guide
– Training graphics for guiding your training routine
– 2 resistance cables


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