More and more budgets of companies go to online marketing these days. This is understandable, because for years on row online sales have risen at the expense of traditional marketing. Many companies and traditional marketeers have too little knowledge to grow within this fast development.

Increase your knowledge of Internet Marketing today.
The instructor, Ir. Stefan Rooijackers, has 18 years of expertise as an internet marketeer and is acknowledged by the government with a CRKBO (Central Register Short Business Education) registration.

Illustrator is the standard in the world of design software for illustrations. The new course ‘Illustrator’ for Adobe CC is specially made for people with experience in the field of visual communication. You will receive free stock images you can use when working with Illustrator. These images are suited for press-work as well as digital use.

Come up with and create your own designs
Create your own poster
Create the most beautiful images
Have fun with this course!


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