Unique Dutch invention….a parasol that allows you to get a tan without getting sunburned!

Now includes the course “Healthy Skin” with the value of 79 euros!

Why should I use an umbrella in summer?

This umbrella only allows the healthy sunrays to pass through. Because of this:

1)You will not burn
2)You will get a tan
3)You absorb vitamin D from the sun

Safe, comfortable, and getting an intense tan beneath this unique, three-part, multifunctional parasol. Suitable for use in both your garden and on the beach, 180cm high, 150cm diameter, and includes a handle for walking purposes. Foldable and provided with a shoulderbag for easy storage purposes.

The umbrella or parasol only allows the healthy rays through, so that our bodies can absorb the important vitamin D.

Too much exposure to sunlight is not healthy, just like all the things in life that are done or eaten too much are unhealthy. Your skin can get damaged by getting a sunburn because you lie in the sun for too long, or because of the warmest moments of the day (between 12:00h and 15:00h). A sunburn often seems superficial, but the damage done to the skin has also damaged the DNA of the skin. If you get burned a couple of times, these damages increase to your DNA, which makes for an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Your body doesn’t care how you got the new skin coloration, whether this happened by going to a tanning salon or because you have been lying on the beach in the sun. Coloration of the skin is caused by the uv-rays of the sun or the rays originating from the lamps at a tanning salon. The damage that arises from uv-rays is cumultive, which means it stacks itself through the duration of your life. The chance of developing de melanoma form of skin cancer will be increased with 75 percent if you go to a tanning salon when you are younger than 35.

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